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  • A programme providing motivation and knowledge to improve lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and sleep (LENSTM)

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A health advisor and personal trainer in your pocket


Happy Healthy is not just an app, it's a complimentary programme that helps motivate the user to eat healthily, do more exercise and get better sleep.

Both user and health professional can keep track of progress.

What do you get?

The programme makes managing a healthy lifestyle stress-free and as easy as pie, leaving you feeling fit and well, mentally and physically.  

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mark tyrell HappyHealthy is a personal trainer and health advisor in your pocket. It is an essential motivational tool for: busy people; those who need assistance changing bad habits; patients with stress or anxiety; those with chronic health complaints; in fact anyone and everyone! After a week of personalised text advice you will reflect on your lifestyle, exercise levels, nutrition, sleep and overall wellbeing and wonder why you hadn't consulted with HappyHealthy before. This service will change your life!

Dr Mark Tyrrell, MBChB, MRCGP, practising GP and Co-founder.

LENS ™ (Lifestyle, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep)

LENS is a simple tool to help you to be aware all the things that affect your mental wellbeing. Our unique 'little and often' coaching formula is proven to make users happier by gradually changing daily habits in nutrition and lifestyle.

Endorsed by NHS and Bupa GPs as well as wellbeing industry leaders.


What they Say


Isabel 29
A good health kick start! A gentle reminder to look after yourself and focus on how you are feeling. Its not to invasive and gets you thinking about what you want and how you feel!   More...


Sam 34
It’s a quick reminder each day to look at different parts of your life and provides a quick diary snapshot of the main aspects of your overall wellbeing.  More...

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