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All the choices you make during the day affect your mental wellbeing!  

This unique system works by; scoring your overall habits, reminding you to score yourself daily, building your knowledge, then re-scoring you at the end of the month.    

Reflection, mindfulness, awareness, motivation, knowledge, happiness. In less than 60 seconds a day! 

Choose how you'd like to interact (App or SMS, email or dashboard) and how often.

Step 1


Register FREE and highlight your Lifestyle, Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep (LENS) habits on your personal dashboard for a score.  

Clearly see your progress through your score charts 


Step 2


Self-track by SMS or App for
60 seconds at least 7 days a month

Make personal notes on your dashboard


Step 3


Share with your health professional who can view and discuss your scores.

Enjoy a healthier, happier you! 

And gain the knowledge to stay there!

If you commit to this process, there's a very good chance you will achieve your health goals!  

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LENS ™ (Lifestyle, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep)

LENS is a simple tool to help you to be aware all the things that affect your mental wellbeing. Our unique 'little and often' coaching formula is proven to make users happier by gradually changing daily habits in nutrition and lifestyle.

Endorsed by NHS and Bupa GPs as well as wellbeing industry leaders.


What they Say


Isabel 29
A good health kick start! A gentle reminder to look after yourself and focus on how you are feeling. Its not to invasive and gets you thinking about what you want and how you feel!   More...


Sam 34
It’s a quick reminder each day to look at different parts of your life and provides a quick diary snapshot of the main aspects of your overall wellbeing.  More...

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